Larry Carnes, Master Potter

The Artwork

Larry Carnes expresses his artistry in several product lines.  His Native American Heritage plays a predominant role in much of his work  He offers a series of Shamans, Crow Ponies and other images of the natural world.

     Crow Ponies


The whale is revered by the Chumash Indians; and they balance rocks on land as guide marks. 

Whale with Stones

Larry honors their tradition with the above sculpture

In addition to the symbolic Native American work, Larry offers a wide variety of vases, bowls, cups, dishes, rice bowl sets, wall decorations, etc.


  Variety of Cups


     Kiln Guard(C)

Every time Larry fills a kiln, he makes a one-of-a-kind piece to watch over his work in the fire.

He calls these images gods or guards.  They generally are 5" or less but they 
manifest the whimsy and love of the art.

Since they are unique, they are  highly valued.


The concept was originated in Fall of 2008 from inspiration of the colorful petroglyphs in the caves of the Ojai area.  They were made by the Chumash Indians.  Larry has been given approval to use the sacred symbols on his stones by the elder of the tribe.

Larry has matched the symbols and colors in his own design of stones made of clay.  Each has a bead inserted inside that makes a musical note when moved.

The stones can be purchased separately, in groups assembled in wooden frames or in assemblies with the...

    of the Stones
pictured below

Larry gives a percentage of all sales to the local Chumash Tribe for sales generated in this product line.

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